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OEMic pump parts are mostly manufactured by Ex-OEM personnel. Most of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001/9002 compliant. Our goal is to provide our valued customers with exceptionally high quality parts at very attractive fair prices.  Some of key staff in the factories were trained by the OEM during past licensee agreements.  Yes, that's correct! ... Some of our factories ever actually manufactured the parts or pumps for the OEM. Now we sell patern expired and/or license expired products and try to reduce customer's maintenance cost.

Why buy OEMic parts?

Unlike the risks incurred with will-fit parts, there are no disadvantages to buying OEMic quality assured replacement parts. Here's why:

  • OEMic parts guarantee interchangeability with OEM.
    OEMic parts not only match your pumps, they fit your application. Because our parts are designed for your pump, if fit is an problem, try us, we will fix it.

  • Quality is never an issue when you buy OEMic parts. As an ISO 9001 Registered factory, our quality assurance programs guarantee that parts meet or exceed ISO Worldwide Quality Standards.

  • OEMic parts are made by well trained experienced persons. We test metallurgy, tolerances and parts compatibility. You are assured of receiving the right part made of the right material, every time.

  • OEMic reviews every parts inquiry and every parts order for accuracy and appropriateness with your application. You can be sure that when your part arrives, it is the right one for your pump.

  • OEMic will set up and maintain a practical inventory in North America to better serve our customers.

  • All of our OEMic parts are packaged to ensure safe transport to your jobsite. Your parts arrive in factory-fresh, new and unused condition.

  • Our parts warranty is your guarantee that we stand behind every OEMic part that we sell.
Refer to the pictures below; you can plainly see the difference in quality between the OEMic brand impeller on the right (bare and painted bright red) with another after-market player:


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