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Domestic water transfer pump#1&2

         Staus:  In Stock  Located:  China-Dalian                     
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Type: Warman(R) Equal Part P/N: TBA
Weight: 542.18 lbs Size: TBA
Inventory Location: China-Dalian Brand: OEMic
Equal OEM: TBA OEM P/N: EHG 125-80-200
* OEM & OEM P/N is only for cross reference only. It does not imply the product made by OEM. The some name maybe a registered trade mark owned by OEM.
Flow Q (m3/h): 68 (=299.39 Usgpm) Head H (m): 15 (=49.21 ft)
NPSHr (m): 2.8 (=9.19 ft) Speed (rpm): 0
Power (KW): 6.33 (=8.49 hp) Eff. (%): 70

  Performance Curve:

  Dimension/Material List:

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